Babies, babies, everywhere!

Menai Lisa May and High Hopes (Rhovanny Stables) have produced two wonderful babies from our stallion, Midnight’s Sleightly Cool, this year.  We are planning on adding a third broodmare to the group this year, Attitude Plus.  She is an off the track TB.  Crossing Coolio with her should produce a fancy large pony with great athleticism. Anyone need a large eventing pony in about 5 years :)?

Kelsey, our trainer, also had her baby boy, Edward this month.  You will have to come by the farm to see him though :).  As for my baby, it’s a girl!  We have named her Victoria Renee and she is kicking her way into her 6 month in my belly.

Lisa May looking fit and trim a month after having Chase. Its hard to believe how thin and neglected she was and how great she looks now.

Coolio's second baby of the year, Fearless Faith and her mother High Hopes. Faith trying to figure out what the water is for when Mom's milk is so good!

Great shot of Mom and baby...they look so much alike! I wonder how much Coolio is in little Miss Faith :). I'm sure we will find out soon!

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